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Strange error on 285 IBM intellistation

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Operating Systems AIX Strange error on 285 IBM intellistation
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Strange error on 285 IBM intellistation

Solution found: dimm error!

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it is better, or at least nicer, if you leave the symptom - will help those who repeat your experience.
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Yes,no problem.
Was a ram faulted.
The ASMI tell me was deconfigured,on errpt i saw a lot of
BFE4C025 i check it and said system was deconfigured.
On asmi i check if hw was deconfigured:no,running diag
from aix give no error,on asmi i check if ram was deconfigured and said yes,one dimm was deconfigured and there is no way
to get configured because was "deconfigured by OS".
Removed the pair and replace it with new ram,no more errors.

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