AIX - FC Switch migration, SAN Migration question!

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Operating Systems AIX AIX - FC Switch migration, SAN Migration question!
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Old 08-16-2015
AIX - FC Switch migration, SAN Migration question!

I'm New to AIX / VIOS

We're doing a FC switch cutover on an ibm device, connected via SAN.

How do I tell if one path to my remote disk is lost? (aix lvm)

How do I tell when my link is down on my HBA port?

Appreciate your help, very much!
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Old 08-16-2015
Originally Posted by BG_JrAdmin
How do I tell if one path to my remote disk is lost? (aix lvm)

How do I tell when my link is down on my HBA port?
That depends on the FC-driver you use. With the EMC driver suite, for instance, there is the powermt command to answer both these questions.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-16-2015
For standard AIX MPIO - lspath, for IBM SDD PCM - pcmpath, Hitachi and their OEMs - dlnkmgr.

If the link is down on your HBA port, you should see it using either fcstat or lsattr -El fscsiX where X is the number of your device.
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Old 08-20-2015
Thank you for your help!

I changed out one the two FC switches. It appears my paths have all come back up except for this one "dac0" which appears as "missing" and I'm not having any luck getting rid of that... All of the disks came back fine, just dac0 is missing. This output is from my lpar, not the underlying VIO server. Any ideas?

#lsdev -l dac0; lsdev -l dac1
dac0 Defined 10-T1-01 MPIO XIV Controller
dac1 Available 10-T1-01 MPIO XIV Controller

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Old 08-21-2015

you could try to make that device available with cfgmgr -l dac0.
If this not help you should validate the state of the parent devcie with lsparent -Cl dac0.

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