ORACLE LICENSING..whats a 'processor' ?

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Operating Systems AIX ORACLE LICENSING..whats a 'processor' ?
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Old 03-02-2006
ORACLE LICENSING..whats a 'processor' ?

On an AIXv5.2 system, that has power5 processors,
I issue the lscfg | grep proc and get
+ proc0
+ proc2
+ proc4

lsattr -El proc0
frequency 1904448000 Processor Speed False
state enable Processor state False
type PowerPC_POWER5 Processor type False

QUESTION- Is this processor above 1 CORE or is this 2 CORES?

If answer is 1, is there a definitive document I could use
for audit/license purposes?

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Old 03-02-2006
if it's a power5 then i'd assume that the CPUs are dual core... but it's not like windows systems where a dual core processor will be viewed as two processors to the OS.

i don't know oracle's licensing policies, but from other software that i've dealt with, noone deals with the number of cores a processor has... most only deal with how many processors the OS sees. so in your case, 3 processors (looks like it's a 3 proc LPAR).

you may need to ask oracle about how it deals with the P-series/AIX capacity on demand issues, LPARs, and micro partitioning.
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Old 03-07-2006

For example, an 8-way p5 570 Server from IBM is actually a 4-way dual core server. The server has four chips with 8 physical processors. Prior to our multi-core licensing changes, this server had a list license price of $320,000 (4*2 [cores] *$40,000). Based on the updated licensing methodology, this IBM server's software licensing fees will be $240,000 (0.75 * 8 *$40,000), which is a price decrease of 25%.
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