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Wpar network,i'm confused

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Operating Systems AIX Wpar network,i'm confused
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Wpar network,i'm confused

I've setup a wpar on aix

 mkwpar -h ibmunix2  -i -r -N  interface=en0 address= netmask= -n ibmunix2

When i log into ibmunix2 it can't ping any external host,include the ibm host.
How to set route for network please?
I've set ibmunix2 with a different subnet.

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I have found a temporary solution using a ip in the same subnet
But if i want a different subnet for wpars?
I have to use an alias?
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you have to write routing table. look at smitty mkroute
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Originally Posted by agent.kgb
you have to write routing table. look at smitty mkroute
I have tried manually
Setting ip for wpar

chwpar -N address= interface=en0 netmask= ibmunix2

Then add route

 chwpar -i -I rtdest=  rtnetmask= rtgateway= rtinterface=en0 ibmunix2

chwpar -i -I rtdest=  rtnetmask= rtgateway= rtinterface=en0 ibmunix2 is the address of host wpar
i tried also wich is the router but
doesn't work,the ping for are dropped
and outside( or any internet address) said "network unreachable"
Where is wrong?
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I suspect that if you are going to use the hosting partition as a router it will need to be configured as one - an address the WPAR can ping directly - maybe another alias on the 'host' and also set ipforwarding using
no -o ipforwarding=1 (as root in the host/global AIX area).

p.s. when wparname is resolveable to a hostname AND the hostname is in the same IP network as the global (single-homed/single-IP network) environment mkwpar will fill the WPAR netstat info with a copy of the global partition routing information. When you have a multi-homed global partition you must fill this yourself. Historically (i.e., back in 2007 when WPAR first saw light of day) WPAR's had to be in the same network as the global partition. The flexibility of being able to configure to any network means you have to setup your own routing tables - as mentioned above by agent.kgb
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Of course i have enabled ip forwarding on aix box
But doesn't work
Work only with the same netmask and subnet of real router
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When I have more time I will setup a test.

FYI - I was playing around a few weeks with WPAR routing - using Application WPAR. Maybe you get some ideas from looking at this: ROOTVG - AIX, LinuxOnPower & POWER Systems Portal - WPAR - revisited - Network Configuration and then search for
Application WPAR - who am I in a network sense?

Hope this helps.

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