AIX unreadable sector Logical or Physical

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Operating Systems AIX AIX unreadable sector Logical or Physical
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AIX unreadable sector Logical or Physical

Hello Folks,

I have got this message:

Unreadable Sectors Detected
What Caused the Problem?
Unreadable sectors have been detected on one or more logical drives. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.
Important Notes
Data has been lost.
Clearing the unreadable sectors log does not correct the source of the problem or recover lost data.
An Unreadable sectors error indicates a serious problem.
Recovery from Unreadable Sectors is a complicated procedure that can involve several different methods. Therefore, do NOT perform any recovery steps without the help of your technical support representative.
Recovery Steps
Select the Advanced>>Troubleshooting>>Gather All Support Data pull-down menu option from the Subsystem Management Window (AMW).
In the Specify filename field, enter a name for the file to be saved or browse to a previously saved file if you want to overwrite an existing file.
Use the convention "" for the name of the file. (The suffix .zip will be added to the file automatically if you do not specify one.) You may also specify another drive and directory if you want to save the file in a location other than the default.
Select Start (the Start button will be unavailable until a filename is specified). The Execution summary box updates automatically to show the status of each support file as it is gathered. A progress bar at the bottom of the dialogue shows the progress of the gather support data operation.
When I contacted support, they said this is logical filesystem error and it has to do with the filesystem. How can I find out ?
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I think you already know the routine: it would immensely help if you could fill us in to some vital details! I already tried ssh bakunin@filosophizersbrokenmachine but got a DNS error - perhaps the old DNS version i use is at fault. I also tried my crystal ball but still no luck, therefore:

1) Where does that error message come from? It is not an ordinary OS error output.

2) What are your disks? How are they attached? NPIV? vSCSI? SCSI? other?

3) Which disk driver do you use and which version?

4) Which type of VG did you create on the disk(s) and which filesystem(s) are affected?

5) Which OS version do you use?

6) what is the content of the errorlog (only the related entries)?

7) Did you tune the system in any way in the I/O-department, like I/O-pacing, ioo-tunables set or something the like?

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