How can I get Information about who is connected???

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Operating Systems AIX How can I get Information about who is connected???
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How can I get Information about who is connected???

Hello, I'm new here and I come from Germany.
At our AIX-ORACLE-System someone has deleted one important file and we'd like to find out who did this, next time.
Is there any command to find out who is connected?
I'm not trying to find out if it's root, etc., I'd like to get the DNS-Name or IP-address of the client on the other side where the console is opened and the Users is sitting in fromt of!

Many thanks from Germany

René Pohlmeyer
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Take a look at the 'who' command.

Also consider auditing.
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If they are not currently logged in, look at "last".

If they don't login at all, but connect via some TCP/IP applciation, etc., you will want to look at "netstat". You will need to figure out which port number the application uses.
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Originally Posted by DogDay
Take a look at the 'who' command.

Also consider auditing.
Thank, you, that's what I needed.
Now we'll be able to log all connections!

With kind regards
René Pohlmeyer
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