NIS and automounter...

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Operating Systems AIX NIS and automounter...
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NIS and automounter...

Have an AIX 5.2 box. I had automounter already setup to control /home using /etc/auto_home as an indirect automount map.

Then we added NIS. We have it working, but for some reason, the NIS table auto.home seems to override /etc/auto_home entries. Of course, there are some duplicates (usernames that appear in NIS and /etc/passwd, with different home directories and UIDs, etc.). I want /etc/auto_home to override NIS. I need to synch up UIDs, home directories (in most cases, but there are some exceptions), etc. but I was hoping to be able to add some select users from NIS while I go about the long process of syching up users and UIDs.

I'm used to Solaris where I have an /etc/nsswitch.conf file and I can specify the order to search. Is there anything I can do to configure the order that the automounter will use (i.e. so I can say "use /etc/auto_home before you go to NIS", etc.)?
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try adding in /etc/netsvc.conf

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Originally Posted by b_manu78
try adding in /etc/netsvc.conf

Try adding what to /etc/netsvc.conf? What is the syntax?

I know how to add syntax for /etc/hosts (i.e. do I search DNS or /etc/hosts first, etc.). I know it can also be used to determine the order to search e-mail aliases. That's only two of the 15 things nsswitch.conf does. I haven't seen any syntax to tell it an order to search for home directories to NFS automount. If it can be done, by all means, tell me how.

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