Useful and nice script for AIX,but outdated

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Operating Systems AIX Useful and nice script for AIX,but outdated
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Old 12-03-2014
Useful and nice script for AIX,but outdated

How can I quickly see disk usage for my entire system? - IBM: AIX FAQ - Tek-Tips

I tried it on aix7.1with

./script -d

and give me

VG          PV       size  used  free   location       Description
rootvg                 128   397   149              
rootvg                 128   212   334              
myvg                   256   201   345

Location, PV are empty,someone know how to fix for new aix?

edit:forget,works perfect,was my mistake

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Old 12-13-2014
I think is not intended for that.
Have you tried to use du command?

Something like
du -sm /directory | sort -rn | head -50

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