Problem with TL and mp64

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Old 10-20-2014
Problem with TL and mp64[SOLVED]

lppchk -v
lppchk:  The following filesets need to be installed or corrected to bring
     the system to a consistent state:

  bos.mp64                        (BROKEN)

I have the fileset bos.mp64 in a directory
but if try to reinstall give me this error.

installp -ac -Y  -d . bos.mp64. 
            Pre-installation Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...done

  Filesets listed in this section failed pre-installation verification
  and will not be installed.

  Missing Filesets
  The following filesets could not be found on the installation media.
  If you feel these filesets really are on the media, check for typographical
  errors in the name specified or, if installing from directory, check for
  discrepancies between the Table of Contents file (.toc) and the images that
  reside in the directory.


  << End of Failure Section >>

           BUILDDATE Verification ...
Verifying build dates...done
    1  Selected to be installed, of which:
        1  FAILED pre-installation verification
    0  Total to be installed

Pre-installation Failure/Warning Summary
Name                      Level           Pre-installation Failure/Warning
bos.mp64.                        Not found on the installation media

How to solve?Thanks

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If i rename bos.mp64 and reinstall with
installp -acgN -d  . bos.mp64

give this error

Unpack: file size error..
File ./usr/sbin/kdb_64 original size 8249482,  restored size 8251416
Unpack: internal unpacking error: decode failure

Probably is broken

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Old 10-21-2014
Originally Posted by Linusolaradm1
  bos.mp64                        (BROKEN)

Unpack: file size error..
File ./usr/sbin/kdb_64 original size 8249482,  restored size 8251416
Unpack: internal unpacking error: decode failure

Probably is broken
Cancel the "probably".

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Old 10-21-2014
Can you paste the output of
lslpp -L bos.mp64
oslevel -s
oslevel -sq

Also, how are you upgrading the OS? From where you downloaded the binaries?
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Old 10-21-2014
Solution found,was broken.
I have updated all,the solution is: or update the next TL if possible,or redownload the TL and installl manually the broken filesets.
For example,if broken set is bos.mp64
cp -a tldir tldir.old
rm tldir/bos.mp64
rm tldir/.toc
#dowload the fileset broken
inutoc tldir
bffcreate -c -d tldir #is not necessary but fine
installp -acgN -d . bos.mp64
#must work

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