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Embedding Runtime Search Path into Library on AIX

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Embedding Runtime Search Path into Library on AIX

My product has 2 libraries say "x & y".
x depends on y.

During the installation of my products package, user will be prompted for his own location to copy my product libraries.
Installation will copy libraries "x & y" and create my product specific ENV variable say "MYPATH" pointing to User picked install location.

Here User doesn't want to set LIBPATH nor he want to create any softlinks in "/usr/lib or /lib".

Now I should make my library "x" find its dependent "y" in the environment where there is no LIBPATH set nor softlinks created in "/usr/lib or /lib".

On other UNIX platforms, there is a concept of $ORIGIN and i am successful using this on other Unix platforms.

Since there is no concept of $ORIGIN on AIX, trying out alternatives on AIX

My Scenario:

My package install creates ENV variable “MYPATH” pointing to the User picked installed location.
Let say, User selected /home/lib and install will set "MYPATH=/home/lib"

Now I thought of accessing this variable in the runtime search path (Either specifying using -L or –blibpath) while building my libraries (x & y).

For a particular library, runtime search path(dump -X32 -H) should be like

I’ve tried specifying $MYPATH in the makefile using “-L or –blibpath” but as MYPATH is not available during build time, NULL value got replaced.


I want $MYPATH to be considered as is so that at runtime it gets replaced with its value.

Tried Escaping $ and also used quotes but no use.
ex: $$\(MYPATH\)

Can this be possible? If possible, then how?

-Srikrishna Erra.

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Usually, the compiler has a -R option (your compiler may vary) to specify the run time $LD_LIBRARY_PATH replacement. This is not really for general use, as $LD_LIBRARY_PATH or whatever local ld() likes is preferred, see man pages, but it is needed for set-uid and set-gid applications, where the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is ignored for pretty obvious security reasons.
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Anyway -R or LD_RUN_PATH set a library search path at compile time that becomes hard-coded in the binary. It cannot evaluate a MYPATH at runtime.
I think you need to create a start wrapper at installation time that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH - typically a shell wrapper that prepends the custom location to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. At the end the wrapper calls the binary, passing the command line arguments.
installdir=/usr/local # to be patched
exec $installdir/bin/binary "$@"

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How about -Z: IBM Compilers

As I said, for prosaic situations use: $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

On old HPUX, it seems they fuse in the path of every dynamic, so you have to use chattr to strip them out for a user-local install.
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