executable problems with shell script in IBM servers

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Operating Systems AIX executable problems with shell script in IBM servers
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Old 09-25-2014
executable problems with shell script in IBM servers

We have a java stand alone application running currently on sun Solaris system. The java application runs on Jdk 1.4.

We are reshooting this java application to new Ibm servers.

There are 10 unix scripts for this application. All scripts works well except one shell script,

This shell script execute one java file where we are setting a properties file in the java options with -D configfiles.ini .

This properties in turn has entry for some other ini files. Ex. XMLgenerator.ini

XMLgenerator.ini has key key value pair something like filename = punches.txt.

This property of filename is required by the java class to process further.

When we execute this script file on new ibm server- the configfiles.ini is properly set and the values are properly read. But, the moment we start the execution of the java class - the property value of filename in XMLgenerator.ini comes out null.

I have something like this in my shell script

/usr/java14/bin/java \
-DWindowsFileFactory.bufferSize.StagedPunches=102400 \
-DWindowsFileFactory.bufferSize.XmlPunches=102400 \
-DWindowsFileFactory.fullFileName.StagedPunches=/usr/local/apps/workbrain/data/punches/staged/punches.txt \
-DPropertiesFileNames=config/ssc/workbrain/punches/xmlgenerator/ConfigFiles.ini \
-Djava.util.logging.config.file=${logprop} \
-classpath ${CLASSPATH} \

if [[ $statusCode != 0 ]]; then
FormatMsg -u2 -p${PGM} -l $LINENO "$prgToRun JOB FAILED. Job Return Code: [$statusCode]."
return 16

Output in the Logs

2014.09.25 12:54:33.328 - 10 (FINE   ) main:ConfigProperties.getPropertiesFileNames - fileNames=,config/ssc/workbrain/configXML/XML.ini
main:ConfigProperties.<init> - ConfigProperties:
   ,Standard Edition
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.logStats - ElapsedTime=535,StagedCount=0,XmlCount=0,ErroredCount=0
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - 
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - 2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - <<com.cvs.components.fileio.FileIOException:fileName=StagedPunches>>
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - caused by: 
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - <<java.lang.NullPointerException:null>>
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(FileInputStream.java:126)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - java.io.FileReader.<init>(FileReader.java:76)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.components.fileio.SequentialFile.getReader(SequentialFile.java:276)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.components.fileio.SequentialFile.readNext(SequentialFile.java:354)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.components.fileio.SequentialFile.read(SequentialFile.java:136)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.ssc.workbrain.punches.XMLGenerator.writeClockElements(XMLGenerator.java:146)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.ssc.workbrain.punches.XMLGenerator.processFile(XMLGenerator.java:100)
2014.09.25 12:54:33.849 - 10 (WARNING) main:XMLGenerator.main - com.cvs.ssc.workbrain.punches.XMLGenerator.main(XMLGenerator.java:80)
12:54:33 | 704536 | 0 | midp010d_punches_process.sh | 27 | com.cvs.ssc.workbrain.punches.XMLGenerator JOB FAILED. Job Return Code: [16].
Ran with CLASSPATH[:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/etc:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/ssc_workbrain.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/jtpe_cor.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/componts.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/cvsimage.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/utils.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/xalan.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/xerces.jar:/usr/local/apps/workbrain/lib/xml-apis.jar]
+ statusCode=16

Please help what could be the problem .

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Old 09-26-2014
This looks more OS specific environment issue, thread moved to AIX

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Old 09-29-2014
The IBM way of setting up different JAVA versions is somewhat particular. Control if your "JAVA_HOME" environment variable is pointing to the right place and if the Java version you want to use is the first in the PATH variable. Modern versions of AIX are shipping with Java 1.6 and to get 1.4 you need to install that as an additional package. Chances are you are addressing a wrong version.

I hope this helps.

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