vi how to ????

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Operating Systems AIX vi how to ????
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vi how to ????

Hi all,

I am using PC WindowsXP and remote login AIX server at work. They use vi for texteditor but I hate it Smilie
If I write code or want to copy code from notepad and save it in vi file , what should I do ? if I create a new file with vi and how I paste it from my notepad and save it in vi , I can not do it ? do i have to retype everything ???

Help me if you could.

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You hate vi? Smilie Shame on you! Learn it, you'll love it.

Actually, what you are proposing sounds worse than learning to use vi. If you have more than a full screen of text in vi, you are going to more trips back and forth and it will be painful. There isn't any simple answer to your question since your telnet/ssh client will determine how you can cut and paste. You can probably find an editor that with ftp files back and forth but, at a minimum, ftp'ing the files manually will be easier than cutting and pasting.
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sabercats... yes you should learn vi.. but if you want a work around soln.. you can copy the text and right click (which works as paste in your shell) on your vi editor.. that should work..

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vi is a lot of overhead. I cut and paste in a unix session on XP systems. (Usually to try code posted to this site!) But, while I love vi, I wouldn't use it for that. Instead, I use:
cat > something.c
or whatever. After I do the paste, I type enter to finish the last line, followed by cntl-d to end the cat command.
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Here is a link for learning vi:

I refer to it all the time when I need help.
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Thanks for all of your advice Smilie . I will learn it and have to get use to it . Sun Solaris have dtpad, IRIX have it own text editor too, but AIX I hate it Smilie , nothing but vi Smilie
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have you tried using gvim on windows? it's pretty much VI but allows for mouse control if you opt to use one. Smilie gvim is a good "trainer" for those never using VI before. however, one thing (i don't think) you can avoid is VI's modes (edit and insert).
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