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key ssh

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key ssh


I want to connect from server1 to server2 (Aix 5.3) with ssh, without password prompt.
So i define a ssh-key

On server1:
ssh-keygen -b 1024 -f identity -P '' -t dsa
scp toto@server2:/tmp/

On server 2:
cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 400 .ssh/authorized_keys

On server1:
ssh -i identity
and i have the message :
"Usage: Segmentation fault(coredump)"

I work with ssh 2
It 's the same problem with ssh/authorized_keys2 on server2

thank you
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this is justone thign i know....

as for as ssh or ssh2 is concerned, there is a /.shosts file in root directory.
This directory mush have the entries of the other server user account, can also be root. This file should be there in server2 also. Its soem form of handshaking for allowing root commmands to be executed.
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If you have your keys exchanged, you don't need to have a .shosts file. This should work. You can run ssh with a "-d" flag in debug mode (-dd gets you more debugging,
-ddd even more, etc.).

A segmentation fault means that your program is trying to point to memory that does not belong to it. 9 times out of 9, this is because your program has a pointer that was not initiallized, and thus points to 0, a memory location that is owned by the operating system. I don't know what version of ssh you have, but it appears to be buggy.

I ran into similar problems on a Solaris 9 box. What the problem ended up being there was that the ssh was compiled for 32 bits (it was a 32 bit CPU), but the ssl was compiled for 64 bits. My point being that it may not be your ssh, but rather your ssl that is broken.

Maybe "truss" would help you figure out where it is core dumping? Good luck.

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