AIX 4.2 increase ethernet speed

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 4.2 increase ethernet speed
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Old 08-06-2014
AIX 4.2 increase ethernet speed


I have a server RS/6000 with AIX 4.2. The server have a network card with 10/100mbps speed, but for some reason, the ethernet only runs at 10Mbps, it doesn,t matter if I put the net cable on a 100Mbps switch, it keeps running at 10Mbps speed....

I know how to view/change ethernet speed on AIX 5.2 (with the "media_speed") but on AIX 4.2 what are the command line to increase the ethernet speed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps?. Or under AIX 4.2 there,s some limitation that ethernet only works with 10Mbps speed?.

Thanks in advanced.
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Old 08-11-2014
Welcome little_ball,

Can you show us the output from the following (assuming we're looking at ent0):-
ifconfig -a
lsattr -El ent0
lscfg -vl ent0
entstat ent0

Please paste the output in [CODE] & [/CODE] tags to make the output clear like this:-
[CODE]Here is my output[/CODE]
... generates this:-
Here is my output

The characters are fixed width and multiple spaces are respected.

The last one will give lots of useful statistics to see how it is currently performing.

You might need downtime to effect a change.

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