Moving VIOS, LPAR's, HMC to different subnet

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Operating Systems AIX Moving VIOS, LPAR's, HMC to different subnet
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Old 03-15-2014
I should point out that you can manage servers via the open non-DHCP network too. We have two sites separated by 250 miles or so. The HMC at each site has a private network to the local servers and public route access to those at the remote site. The same public network card is used for us to connect and it to manage remote servers.

It means that with have what is known as a remote-redundant configuration. Smilie

Consider if after a power loss (planned or not) your HMC refused to start. How would you power on and activate the servers/LPARs? Some can be done by the local interface with a browser to ASMI or perhaps with the serial port, but I wouldn't like to try it. Smilie

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Old 03-17-2014
What is recommended way to reconfigure IP address and gateway on VIOS and LPAR.
For VIO I was planing to use:
mktcpip  -hostname -inetaddr -gateway -netmask -interface en3

And for LPAR:
smitty tcpip

Should I change settings on VIO first or it does not matter?

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