Install AIX lpar via hmc, can't access cd drive

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Operating Systems AIX Install AIX lpar via hmc, can't access cd drive
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Old 03-13-2014
Install AIX lpar via hmc, can't access cd drive

Hi ,

I would like to access the cd drive of , i have power series server , and have lpars .
I try to install AIX in an lpar via HMC, but it can't access the cd drive.

how i can make installtion or make the the cd drive accessible in hmc or in power series server?

Thanks in advance
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Old 03-13-2014
Have you assigned the CD device to the LPAR?

If there is not a boot record on any of the disks, you will probably drop to SMS / firmware. Try to explore the disks by following the menus to select a boot device and then get it to list all the devices.

I hope that this helps,
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Old 03-13-2014
Have you assigned the CD-ROM drive to the LPAR,
From the HMC, have you assigned the RAID controller (which as CD ROM) to the LPAR(atleast as desired)?
If you have not done so, assign the RAID Controller.
You can refer the manual provided by your Vendor, or if you don't have it, physically go to Data Center and determine which CEC has CD ROM attached to it. Note down the CEC No and search for RAID Controller with that SLOT NO.

Also, in SMS, list all the available resources for boot (I thinks its option no 7, like DISK, Ethernet and CD ROM). At the time of selecting boot option.

Hope this helps.
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