AIX not following permission rules on group

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Operating Systems AIX AIX not following permission rules on group
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Old 03-05-2014
Bug [Solved] AIX not following permission rules on group

Has anyone ever encountered this? It's one of those it was working Monday but not today issues.

We have an account pcadmin in the group utl, its supposed to read the files in utl. No issues on Monday, but today pcadmin can't read anything owned by utl. Below you can see it still has the group and the group ownership of the files. My instinct is reboot the host, but its prod and the request will take awhile to get approved. Any other thoughts?

$ id pcadmin
uid=30101(pcadmin) gid=10051(pcadmin) groups=1(staff),10000(infra),31008(pc_pdc),31007(pc_frm),10012(omg),10003(bpr),
$ groups pcadmin
pcadmin : pcadmin staff infra pc_pdc pc_frm omg bpr embsft pcdev cqsadm sfubpr bpftpg cqs act bil ccr utl
$ ls -ltr
total 8
-rw-rw----    1 prutl    utl             632 Mar 05 21:43 CST_END_TO_END_PF.txt
-rw-rw----    1 prutl    utl              15 Mar 05 22:45 test
-rw-rw----    1 prutl    utl              12 Mar 05 22:48 jeremy.txt
$ cat jeremy.txt
cat: 0652-050 Cannot open jeremy.txt.
$ uptime
  10:50PM   up 83 days,  16:31,  9 users,  load average: 2.61, 3.33, 4.02

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Old 03-06-2014
Could you run below on the mount point of that FS where those files reside?

ls -ld /mount_point

Then unmount that FS (is it's possible) and do the same?
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Old 03-06-2014
it happens sometimes.. when you have a lot of groups and you are concerned by the last ones in the list... To tell you more I would need to know a bit more about your OS (oslevel...) and what you have not said here or I cant see it: What are the perms on that current directory and have they changed?
The case I have quite similar is happening on a FS that is imported from a NAS... where our AD have put ACLs..., I wonder if its because og the group sticky bit the WIN stuff cant manage and so the arctefact.. Workaround since you are in the group:
 newgrp utl

But it would be interesting to know why it worked and no more today... but wee need the directory perms...
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Old 03-06-2014
As phobus asked what is the permission on the main directory, it might be someone changed the permissions on it.

running newgrp <groupname> will change the existing secondary group to primary group (of that user). So be aware of this before you execute the command.
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Old 03-06-2014
My guess is that on Monday the user was in 16 groups and someone added a 17th group since then. NGROUPS_MAX is often set to 16. Even if it is increased, NFS only supports 16 groups. Is the file system NFS mounted?
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Old 03-06-2014
Thanks for all the great input everyone. Here is some more background data,

The folder permissions are,
$ ls -ld /bp_data/frm/pr/ParamFiles/PFMBT
drwxrwsr-x    2 pcadmin  utl            4096 Mar 06 03:19 /bp_data/frm/pr/ParamFiles/PFMBT

And you are correct in guessing it is a NFS mount.
$ df -g /bp_data/frm/pr/ParamFiles/PFMBT
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
np00002:/vol/BP_CACHE_PR/PR_DATA    896.25    438.50   52%    94591     1% /bp_data

        dev             = "/vol/BP_CACHE_PR/PR_DATA"
        vfs             = nfs
        nodename        = np00002
        mount           = true
        options         = rw,bg,hard,intr,rsize=32768,wsize=32768
        account         = false

The OS level is 6.1
$ uname -a
AIX ####### 1 6 00F61FD34C00

The Id pcadmin has 17 groups if you count the primary group. 1+16, I will remove the staff group and see if the issue resolves.
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Old 03-06-2014
Originally Posted by J-Man
And you are correct in guessing it is a NFS mount.
I think we are making progress. What is the content (regarding this filesystem) of the file /etc/exports on the system exporting the share?

To be sure the loaded NFS configuration is what the file says issue a

exportfs -va

as root on the exporting system. This re-exports all shares putting the current content of /etc/exports into effect (if it wasn't already). Check the effect with the command (as root)

showmount -e

I hope this helps.

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