Problems with VIO O/S 2.2.3

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Operating Systems AIX Problems with VIO O/S 2.2.3
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Old 02-28-2014
Problems with VIO O/S 2.2.3

I hope someone has experienced this problem before and can help. I have a P730 (8231-E2D) which is fitted with 8 IBM SAS disks on 2 separate SISSAS controllers. The disk type is ST9146853SS (Seagate SAS 146Gb).

The problem occurs when I try to install the VIO server software at 2.2.3. It fails to correctly install and the file systems (if they load at all) are corrupted with a lot of the .exe files missing!

I load it from a mksysb on the NIM server with the SPOT created from the mksysb. I have used the same mksysb this morning to build a VIO server on a P750 and it worked correctly

Anyone help please?
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Old 02-28-2014
Perhaps there is a firmware pre-requisite. I'm not sure that there really are .exe files on AIX (that VIOS is built on) anyway.

If you have just bought a licence for VIOS, then you should be able to talk to IBM about the problems. If you don't have a licence, IBM will want to talk to you!

Robin (no, I don't work for IBM)
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Old 03-03-2014
Two SAS controllers but only 1 SAS controller!

I have investigated further and have learnt a very useful but painful lesson. When you look at the P730 from the HMC you see two SAS controllers, 1 on P1/C8 and the other on P1/C18/T1. I stupidly assumed these were 2 seperate controllers but no it appears they are the same controllers and all disks are fitted to both! Where is the sense in that? Come on IBM answer that question!

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Old 03-04-2014

i use the IBM System Planning Tool to understand Your configuration and "problem".

1. Which Storage Backplane do you use (EJ0D, EJ0E or EJ0F) ?
2. In all cases max. 6 SFF Drives are possible - do you use a additional IO-Drawer?

The IBM System Planning Tool shows that P1-C18 points to the SAS Controller and P1-C8 to the GX++ Slot.

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