Bypass Read Line in profile through AIX command

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Operating Systems AIX Bypass Read Line in profile through AIX command
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Old 02-14-2014
IBM Bypass Read Line in profile through AIX command

Hi All,

I have a complicated requirement where in I have a "root" user and a user named "xeadmin" I want to take sudo of "xeadmin" by command sudo su - xeadmin. Later i need to hit 2 enter keys as there are 2 read line commands inserted in profile of "xeadmin" and I reach command prompt, i need to execute a command "initializexeservice -y start" I want to get this executed in one scipt like
sudo su - xeadmin;Enter;Enter;initializexeservice -y start but "Enter" do not work form me. I am not allowed to make the changes in profile. I want to execute this command replacing Enter whith proper executable command.

Please let me know how to achieve this. It is fine if i need to execute any external script through root, keeping in mind I do not change any permissions or any other system parameters.

Thanks In Advance

Hitesh Sathawane
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Old 02-14-2014
These cases happen often... when you have not anticipated that that particular user can be used for batches...
I usually modify the users .profile by testing if you are using a interactive shell or not and adapt the code:
if [[ $- = *i* ]]; then
  # interactive mode, put here what is specific to
  # Like stty settings, keyboard stuff etc.. e.g.
    export PS1="$(hostname):\$PWD \$ "
    set -o vi
    stty erase ^?

I let you adapt for your needs...
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