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Operating Systems AIX List of installed applications
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Old 01-21-2014
List of installed applications

Hi All,

I am new bee in AIX and i am trying to list out installed packages on any AIX machine in below format:
packagename:<application/package name> ; <application/package version> ; <application/package vendor>

can some one please suggest small script which will use

and provide the required output .
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Old 01-21-2014

here an example:
# lslpp -Lc | head -3
#Package Name:Fileset:Level:State:PTF Id:Fix State:Type:Description:Destination Dir.:Uninstaller:Message Catalog:Message Set:Message Number:Parent:Automatic:EFIX Locked:Install Path:Build Date
ICU4C.rte:ICU4C.rte: : :C: :International Components for Unicode : : : : : : :0:0:/:1241
Java5.sdk:Java5.sdk: : :A:F:Java SDK 32-bit: : : : : : :0:0:/:

Usingawkshould do the rest.

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Old 01-23-2014
thanks a lot -=XrAy=- .... i am very new to the scripting field ... so it will be very helpfull if you help me in separating/selecting the required information from command output...thanks a lot again..Smilie

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i have one more quesryy. is it posssible to extract vendor information of installed packages on AIX..i have tried using lslpp but have not found any switch..please suggest
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Old 01-23-2014

there are a lot of documentation and examples for using awk. So i would say google is your friend - sometimes Smilie


'-F' defines the field seperator, in our case ':'
print $1, $2, etc. prints the specific field

lslpp -Lc | awk -F: '{print $1" ; "$8" ; "$3}' will show your the Package Name, Description and Level.

I guess that lslpp will not show you a vendor. In most cases it will be IBM or a open source project. Other third party software, like Oracle or self compiled software is (currently) not managed from AIX (lslpp/rpm).

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Old 01-23-2014
Originally Posted by -=XrAy=-
I guess that lslpp will not show you a vendor. In most cases it will be IBM or a open source project. Other third party software, like Oracle or self compiled software is (currently) not managed from AIX (lslpp/rpm).
I am not sure if i understand you correctly: in case you mean that you can't create your own installp-packages, this is indeed possible. The tool for it is called mkinstallp and can be downloaded from IBM. It is badly documented, but if you just want to pack straightforward file bundles to be installed via installp it is relatively easy to accomplish. I suggest using its interactive mode for a dummy-package, then copy and edit the resulting template-file with an editor. You can add all sorts of metadata to the package.

I hope this helps.

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Old 01-24-2014
Hi bakunin,

I tryed to say, if you use third party products or specially third party install scripts, AIX (lslpp) will not (automatically) recognize this software. You are right, it is possible to use installp or rpm to build my own package. Currently we use rpm in conjunction with NIM to manage some of our self writen codes/skripts.

Thanks for remark.

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