Power HA 6.1 Bring Resource group online issue

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Operating Systems AIX Power HA 6.1 Bring Resource group online issue
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Old 01-18-2014
Power HA 6.1 Bring Resource group online issue

Hi all, I have the following in hacmp.out for bringing Resource group online.
Volume groups themselves are Enhanced-Capable and on each node I can varyon and mount filesystems.

+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[198] STATUS=0
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[198] typeset -li STATUS
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[199] SYNCFLAG=''
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[200] CLENV=''
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[201] TMP_FILENAME=/tmp/_activate_vgs.tmp
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[202] USE_OEM_METHODS=false
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[204] EMULATE=''
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[206] PROC_RES=false
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[210] [[ 0 != 0 ]]
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[217] [[ -n == -n ]]
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[219] SYNCFLAG=-n
+main1_rg_01:cl_activate_vgs[220] shift
/usr/es/sbin/cluster/events/utils/cl_activate_vgs: line 220: syntax error at line 225: ` $# -ne 0 ' unexpected
+main1_rg_01:get_disk_vg_fs[501] exit 1
Jan 18 18:00:17 EVENT FAILED: 1: get_disk_vg_fs ALL backup_vg datavg redovg    1

+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[73] RC=1
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[74] : exit status of get_disk_vg_fs ALL backup_vg datavg redovg is: 1
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[75] (( 1 != 0 ))
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[77] STATUS=2
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[78] (( 1 == 7 ))
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[81] return
+main1_rg_01:node_up_local[338] : exit status of get_filesystems is: 0

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Old 01-18-2014
As you might have seen the line in the HA-script failing is
/usr/es/sbin/cluster/events/utils/cl_activate_vgs: line 220: syntax error at line 225: ` $# -ne 0 ' unexpected

where a test is failing. Maybe a bug. It is just used to check if there is any argument left, where $# contains the number of arguments and the script simply iterates through the arguments with the shift.

You can either check if there is a fix for this with IBM´s fix central or check out the HA-script and fix it yourself. Though it will be most probaby overwritten next time you do an update for HA.
I would try to update HA first before fixing anything on my own.

Also I would check if you can manually get the VGs online ( use varyonvg ). If that is possible, have them offline again before doing anything with C-SPOC or HA itself.
Is there any kind of reservation on the Disks maybe from another node?
Did this ever work?
Did anything happen and since then it doesn't work anymore?

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Old 01-19-2014
Thanks for reply!
It never worked before so this is a cluster just built and first time trying to bring up Resource group. Manual varyonvg works fine and no issues as I mentioned in my initial post.
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