NTP time problem

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Operating Systems AIX NTP time problem
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Old 12-04-2013
In practice it works as good as one peer, plus you have a fallback.
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Old 12-04-2013
What do you mean with "in practice"? Perhaps you mean you set it up like this and it worked? Maybe these servers themselves were local servers syncing to the same higher stratum ntp servers and therefore they happened to never deviate too much from one another? The recommendation is pretty clear in the link above. I have never made a setup with two.
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Old 12-04-2013
Yes, have set up NTP clients with two local NTP servers configured.
The local NTP servers are NTP clients of three main NTP servers, and indeed not much drifting from each other.
Nevertheless the NTP clients prefer one-and-the-same local NTP server.
So there is least time deviation between them. If one local NTP server goes down, they all drift to the other in the same manner.
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