Failed mpio path on AIX5.3

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Operating Systems AIX Failed mpio path on AIX5.3
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Old 11-18-2013
Wrench Failed mpio path on AIX5.3

I have found failed mpio path on AIX and enabled that failed path as below

failed path on AIX
bash-3.2# lspath -l hdisk10
Enabled hdisk10 fscsi0
Enabled hdisk10 fscsi0
Failed  hdisk10 fscsi3
Enabled hdisk10 fscsi3

Enabled failed path as below
chpath -l hdisk10 -p fscsi3 -s enable -w5005076802408847,8000000000000

However it goes Enabled, but a few minutes later shows Failed ,could some one help me on this.
Please let me know above steps, if i miss anything and why it has failed.

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Old 11-18-2013

it looks like that the specific path is not (longer) available.
Maybe your storage admin has removed the mapping for this volume or the zoning for this path has been removed.

An lspath and lscfg -vl hdisk10 would be helpfull.


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Old 11-18-2013
I have run the lscfg command and find the below output

 hdisk10          U78AA.001.WZSHBCV-P1-C6-T2-W5005076802408847-L8000000000000  MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk

        Machine Type and Model......2145
        ROS Level and ID............30303030
        Serial Number...............2076
        Device Specific.(Z0)........0000063268181002
        Device Specific.(Z1)........
        Device Specific.(Z2)........
        Device Specific.(Z3)........

Is there anyway to get info for  failed zoneing aix os level

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Old 11-18-2013
Looking at the error, it seems SAN problem (as Xray said).
Also, I am seeing you have the physical card connected to the system. ( So NPIV or VSCSI is ruled out and so is looking at VIO for the same).

Run the below command
lspath -l hdisk10 -s available -F"connection:parent:path_status:status"

This will give you exactly which connection at storage (fibre adapter - FA) failed.
One connection from your (fscsi3) port is going to Fabric and it has two connections (from Fabric to Storage. So one from fabric to Storage is down).

Also, what storage you have?

Send the output of
lsdev -Ccdisk

Hope this helps!
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Old 11-19-2013
using IBM v7000 storage.

Unable to find the as below host mappings in storage end


Please help me any other way to find this.

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Lsdev -Ccdisk info as below

hdisk0  Available 00-08-00 SAS Disk Drive
hdisk1  Available 00-08-00 SAS Disk Drive
hdisk2  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk3  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk4  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk5  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk6  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk7  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk8  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk9  Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk
hdisk10 Available 05-01-01 MPIO IBM 2076 FC Disk

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Old 11-19-2013
The Mapping normaly points to the MAC-adress of your FC-Adapter.

Use the following command to get the MAC-adress:
lscfg -vl fcs3 | grep -i "Network Address"
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Old 11-19-2013
find the below Network Address
Network Address.............10000000C8D6A602

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