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Process got terminated automatically

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Operating Systems AIX Process got terminated automatically
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Java Process got terminated automatically

I am elango. I am working with UNIX AIX version 5.
I am facing tow problem whenever I am trying to run a script.

1. The moment I run the script 3 more jobs are getting started automatically.
I used PS -ef command to check the running Jobs, I found totally 4 jobs
are running for the same script.

/home/mnprocess> nohup > /home/mnprocess/main.log &

/home/mnprocess> ps -ef|grep run
usrmain 1880200 25108614 0 15:12:18 - 0:00 sh -- ./
usrmain 1880200 25108614 0 15:12:18 - 0:00 sh -- ./
usrmain 1880200 25108614 0 15:12:18 - 0:00 sh -- ./
usrmain 1880200 25108614 0 15:12:18 - 0:00 sh -- ./

2. When ever i am submitting a new Job the job got sutomatically stopped with the following message.
[1] - Stopped (SIGTTIN) nohup ././ &

I killed all the running jobs then I tried to re subbmit the process after that also the same thing happenning.

Thanks in advance.
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MySQL Hi elango

For your process all the PID and PPID are same still we need more details....
What is that script?
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Originally Posted by aixteam
For your process all the PID and PPID are same still we need more details....
What is that script?
It is shell script which will call the othere scripts.
This is the script we are using
export uname=XXXXXXX
. /home/oracle/dba/.PWD_FILE $uname
export exedir=/home/data/data1/etl

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export uname=XXXXXXX
. /home/oracle/dba/.PWD_FILE $uname
export exedir=/home/data/data1/etl
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hi elango,

----first see to that your internal scripts dont call the parent script....


----also nohup command ignores only the SIGHUP signal
----if a parameter is not found, then the script will exit, so u can try seeing the return status of the script to know what happened....

and finally

---try running the script using the shell like #ksh <script name> rather than using the nohup command....

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