Problem in /dev/hd1 and /dev/hd9var

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Operating Systems AIX Problem in /dev/hd1 and /dev/hd9var
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Problem in /dev/hd1 and /dev/hd9var

Hello AIXians,

I can't boot my AIX, it hangs and stops at the code error: 0518
After searching google, I knew the problem is due to problems in File Systems.
So the solution is booting from any bootable media, then run these commands in maintenance mode:
#fsck -y /dev/hd4
#fsck -y /dev/hd9var
#fsck -y /dev/hd3
#fsck -y /dev/hd2
#fsck -y /dev/hd1

All of them is done successfully except two, which is:
#fsck -y /dev/hd9var
#fsck -y /dev/hd1

It gives me this error:
Fatal: I/O error

What is the solution!?

Waiting our experts or anyone who know the solution, many thanks.

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Could be a defect disk. Check your hardware/HMC for error messages or LEDs.
Check out if you have a recent mksysb at hand.

Tell us a bit more about your setup, if there is a mirror on the rootvg, if it is physical disks or not, hmc connected, etc. etc.

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How many disks do you have in the system. Run diags on the disks. Can you boot in maintenance mode. What disks are these filesystems on?
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Thanks dears.
After a long time yesterday and today, we know the reason, which is the processor fan is stopped.
So the system hanging.
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