Have to click "enter" key twice to successfully login

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Operating Systems AIX Have to click "enter" key twice to successfully login
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Old 10-11-2013
Have to click "enter" key twice to successfully login

Hi Guys,

When using plink ( plink -ssh $IP) to connect to an AIX box, the password is correct, but always after input the password and click enter I got "access denied", then I am promted for password again, this time no matter what password I give, correct or bad, after I re-click enter, as long as the password I specified at the first time I will success authenticate to the system.
If the password I specified at the first password input prompt is bad, from the /etc/security/failedlogin log, I noticed that AIX actually will not log the failed authentication request when I click the first "enter" but until I give the second "enter".

this problem only happen to plink and AIX, other ssh client works well on AIX, and plink also works well with other kind of Unix, like HP-Unix and sco.

Can anyone here help me out? Thanks very much in advance!


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e:\tmp>plink -ssh
login as:deploy
deploy@`s password:  
Access denied    -> I always got access denied
deploy@`s password:    
Last login:...    -> I could login if the password specified on the first try is correct
* welcome to AIX verion 6.1!

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Old 10-11-2013
Do you happen to use a keyfile? (eg: ~/.ssh/id_rsa)
If so - and it uses a password too - it might be diffrent than the user's (deploy) password, which you enter 2 times.
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Old 10-11-2013
Have you made sure the messages do not come from any login scripts there are? Check ~/.kshrc, ~/.profile, or whatever there may be if they try to connect somewhere else or something such.

Ahh, almost forgot: please use CODE-tags i edited in for you yourself! Thank you!

I hope this helps.

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