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Send a file from AIX to PCOMM server

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Operating Systems AIX Send a file from AIX to PCOMM server
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Old 10-04-2013
Send a file from AIX to PCOMM server

Hi folks,

I am having an issue here.Currently, my system sends a file from AIX using CICS program to mainframe .

However, Now I need to send file from AIX using CICS program or any other alternative to PCOMM server.

Can anyone enlighten me !!

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Old 10-04-2013
Contact the system administrators of the mainframe.
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Old 10-05-2013
Originally Posted by targetshell
my system sends a file from AIX using CICS program
send file from AIX using CICS program or any other alternative to PCOMM server.
Not really sure what you mean. CICS is a transaction monitor and has nothing to do with file transfer at all. The mainframe (i suppose it runs z/OS or some of its predecessors: MVS, VM/CMS, ...) either uses IP natively, then you can simply use IP methods to transfer files, prominently ftp. Or the mainframe runs an SNA network, then you need to use a SNA method for file transfer, like a LU6.2 datastream over a 3270-terminal session.

Either way, you can only succeed by accomodating the mainframes sysadmins wishes, therefore blackrageous' hint to contat them is a good one. To help you we would also need to know a lot more details about your environment.

I hope this helps.

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Old 10-07-2013
Hi there,

My system has CICS program on AIX OS for sending files to another mainframe server, which also has CICS.

So it is a CICS to CICS communication.

The issue is that now CICS program on AIX OS has to communicate with the PCOMM server, thereby sending the same file which previously it used to send on another mainframe server.

So, I need to set up a communication protocol as to how I can send my file using current CICS program/or some other NEW program from AIX to PCOMM server.

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Old 10-09-2013
Do you have any information you can share re: PCOMM server. I know AIX fairly well, but not PCOMM. Maybe the answer is quite simple - if IP tools can be used.

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