Creating LPARS in AIX

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Creating LPARS in AIX

I have a p520 with 2 cpus and 10gb of ram.Is it sufficient enough to create 2 lpars.What other things we have to check.
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You need a virtualisation license.

Depending on which virtualisation technique you want to use (IVM or HMC) and how you organized disks and network (adapters) you may or may not need 1 or 2 VIOS LPARs.

Depending on which virtualisation technique you want to use (IVM or HMC) you may need a HMC if you do not have one.

Tell us more about your (prospective) environment and we can tell you more about your requirements.

I hope this helps.

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How many disks/controllers/fibre cards/ethernet ports etc. All of these count when assessing a server's suitability for partitioning. You cannot count the ethernet ports labelled as HMC as these talk to the service processor, not the user part of the server.

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