Installing and using AIX without buying a license

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Operating Systems AIX Installing and using AIX without buying a license
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Old 08-07-2013
Installing and using AIX without buying a license

Hi Experts,

The other day I downloaded an AIX 6.1 iso (Standard Edition) on a torrent site, burned it to a DVD and installed it in a Power5 box. Now I can log into the system and use all the commands without problem. I can use SMIT, create VGs, filesystems, whatever I want...

This installation is for a home lab that will help me with the AIX certification

I never bought a license or anything. For other OSs (RHEL, Solaris, etc..) you are asked for an activation code when installing the OS, here, nothing.

The way I see it, you DON'T have to buy a license in order to install and use AIX. Please correct me if I am wrong?

Will I be able to use AIX indefinitely or everything will stop working within 30 days or what?

What's the purpose of buying a license? What am I missing?

The way I see it, I can download the fixes and TLs from FixCentral and keep my system up to date.
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Old 08-08-2013
Do you fancy being taken to court by IBM?
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Old 08-08-2013
I remember it by "hearsay", that you usually get an AIX license, when you buy an appropriate hardware.
Way back when we got new RS6000 boxes delivered, we got installation medias and the license papers for the AIX to run on them.

Because of this one could say, that the license for your box was transfered to you when you got it, but usually the machines are registered with the owners name with IBM.
I can not say, what is the appropriate way, but as Robin says, you might want to be a tad more careful with your doings and the publishing of them Smilie Smilie
DL'ing it by some torrent or warez site is for sure not the correct way to get hold of it.
The purpose of obtaining a license, is to be no thief - that's it.

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Old 08-08-2013
meaning = I can use AIX without a license

I won't feel bad about it, I'll just imagine it is Fedora

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Old 08-08-2013
I refer you to my query in post 2.
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Old 08-08-2013
Originally Posted by livehho
meaning = I can use AIX without a license

I won't feel bad about it, I'll just imagine it is Fedora

If you're unsure, would the responsible thing to do not be to contact IBM to clarify your position?

Or should I change your username from livehho to gung-ho?!
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Old 08-08-2013
ok.. I uninstalled AIX.. I threw away the DVD... and contacted IBM

I'll get the Express edition license which is relatively cheap

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Originally Posted by Scott
If you're unsure, would the responsible thing to do not be to contact IBM to clarify your position?

Or should I change your username from livehho to gung-ho?!
gung = A mythical, friendly, creature that goes after people and tickles them
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