Restore mksysb image on cloned LPAR

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Operating Systems AIX Restore mksysb image on cloned LPAR
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Restore mksysb image on cloned LPAR

Hi Folks,

How to restore mksysb image on LPAR which is already having cloned AIX OS installed on hdisk0 (nothing configured, only full partition image is sitting on hdisk0)

Let me know.

Thank a lot.
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If you restore an mksysb image it will overwrite everything already on the hdisk or LUN.

If you are looking for a particular file on the mksysb image because it is missing on what you have already installed

* boot the already installed image
* do basic configuration (e.g. tcpip), or just work off the console
* "mount" the mksysb image
* create a temporary filesystem - large enough to hold your mksysb image
* cd /new/fs
* restore -xqf mksysbImage.bff
* find the file you are looking for, and move/copy it to the correct location
* cd /
* rmfs /new/fs
* "umount" mksysbImage

Hope this helps.
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