Cloning OS using alt_disk_install to new LPARs

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Cloning OS using alt_disk_install to new LPARs

Hi Folks,

I am working on a task - Cloning the OS from fullSystem partition to 3 new LPAR's using alt_disk_install.

I just wanted to clarify my steps here.

1. alt_disk_install -CBO hdisk1 and rename it to alt1
2. alt_disk_install -CBO hdisk2 and rename it to alt2
3. alt_disk_install -CBO hdisk3 and rename it to alt3

the 3 profiles/partitions are already created.

4. boot the first new partition into SMS mode and select hdisk1 as boot disk , exit and and boot into normal mode. And same for rest 2.

Am I missing any steps here? I am not sure on do I have to export and or remove the disks first?
All these partitions are on same power 7.

Please let me know. Thanks
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Basically, you have to "remove" the disk if you are going to boot a new partition with it. "Remove" in this case is probably, as padmin on VIOS
$ rmvdev -vtd vtscsiX
$ mkvdev -vdev hdiskX -vadapterN

and once the new, or while, the new partition is starting up
"rinse and repeat"

In short, not "alt1,2,3" but altdisk - 3x
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Well, if you are not using any virtual i/o (could have also been vfcmap for NPIV) then the storage people will have to redefine where the LUN is going.

rmdev -dl hdiskX is only to remove it from the ODM - it does not move the disk.
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The thing is we have 1 fullsystem partition where we have all disks are visible according to sysplan.

So once we deactivate this fullsystem partition, then the new partitions will have these disks visible right?

So I guess here we don't need the movements of disks..

correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for quick response.
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