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Processor Compatibility Mode

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Operating Systems AIX Processor Compatibility Mode
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Processor Compatibility Mode


IBM documentation says the CPU Compatibility Mopde can be changed from th HMC in LPAR properties, but i have no option to change it there, it is only displayed. Anyone?

Regards, firefox111
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What p/POWER technology are you using?
Maybe this chapter helps:
Processor compatibility modes

See the different matrixes in the links below.
Is the HMC and VIO version up-to-date?
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I know this site, but it does not say how to change the mode.
I'm using Power7 (8233-E8B) and the LPAR is in P6 Compatibility Mode. I need to switch it to P7 Compatibility Mode.

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I also have a test environment with HMC 7.5.0 and p710/p720 with AL740_088.
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i do not have an hmc for a screen shot. it may be all you need to do is shutdown, not reboot -and restart.

did the partition arrive via live partition mobility from a power6? if so, the shutdown/activate will automatically change to power7 mode.

to change it manually, effective at next activation - not reboot - iirc it is changed via the partition properties dialog. can also be done at command line, but i do not the command. that will be something like "chsyscfg -m ... -r lpar ...."

hope this helps!
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Might sound stupid, but have you been in the correct place ie. in the profiles definition?

From some documentation:
  • Select the LPAR and deactivate it.
  • Go to Configuration -> Manage Profiles.
  • Select the profile that needs to be activated.
  • Go to Processors, change the Processor compatibility mode: to the required setting and boot it using the same profile.
There is some steps in it, that might help to identify the problem:
Verifying the processor compatibility mode of the mobile partition

Have no HMC at hand like Michael, sorry.
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OK, I got it.
For some reason the profile I checked before does not have the processors tab. I created another one now and it works. Thanks for your help.
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Smilie another happy customer Smilie

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