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How to Login Bios Server IBM p series?

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Operating Systems AIX How to Login Bios Server IBM p series?
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Old 05-06-2013
How to Login Bios Server IBM p series?

Hii guys,

I have IBM server power series,

how to login BIOS at server IBM Power7 750, 730, 720, 520 and 550 ?

and if I will new Install AIX, How I config " First Boot DVD" ??
I use command " # mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt " ( not work after reboot system).

I need your help guys..

best regard
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Old 05-06-2013
login at BIOS - if you mean SMS menu - just press 1 as the screen starts typing at you.

You do not need to mount the DVD in advance - if you are already running, and you want to install more just use:
# smitty install

and, probably, press ESC-4 (Escape key followed - quickly - by the 4 key, to emulate pressing F4 key) to select the source (choose /dev/cd0).

"First boot DVD"
This means boot the system using the DVD! I wrote a tutorial in pictures HOWTO: Install AIX - maybe this will help.

Once the base in installed
This all assumes that there is a virtual /dev/cd0 with either a physical /dev/cdX mapped to it, or an iso image loaded from a VIO server.

HOWEVER, if by BIOS you mean ASMI (Advanced System Management Interface) - the user name is admin. If you do not know the password you will need to either reset the system by removing the battery in the service processor (not something I would want to do personally) or open a call with IBM and get a username and password that can be used to reset the regular password.
I have never done the later myself, but a friend of mine needed to do this about a month ago - and that is how he got it resolved. Takes just a few minutes once you get the callback from IBM.

Hope this helps Smilie
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Old 05-06-2013

Thank you guys,
I will trying..
If I have problem I will ask again..

best regard..

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