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Hi friends..

My one problem is not resolved yet I have another.

I am planning to take an OS backup of my p550 using "mksysb". Now i am confussed. suppose I give the command to take the backup into a tape drive and my backup size exceeds the tape capacity.. what will happen? will it ask for the second tape or will the entire process stop?

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It will ask for the second tape
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a very use full tool

make sure there is no error when it is done

make sure you have done a
bosboot -ad hdisk0 and also the mirror disk

mksysb only backup anything in rootvg
you can check this by doing lsvg -l rootvg
you can reduce the size by excluding any filesystems that you do not need to backup by adding a file in /etc/exclude.rootvg
by default there are some basic stuff in there
you can then just use the exclude=yes in smitty mksysb

if you have a dvd ram disk you can use smitty mkdvd as well

Hope this helps

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