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Operating Systems AIX Set email Priority using sendmail
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Old 04-01-2013
[Solved] Set email Priority using sendmail

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to send an email on unix using sendmail command. For setting the priority to high I use:

X-Priority: 1

And it works on HP but when I tried it on AIX the email is sent but no priority!!

Anyone can help me

Thanks in advance,
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Old 04-01-2013
That may be a special feature in HP. When I see an email header
X-something: Some Value

I try to remember that for the SMTP protocol it is probably not known. There are many RFC's that govern mail - and if this is one that is specified in an RFC - so it is part of an accepted, especially mandatory standard, and the supported versions of AIX are not supporting it - submit a PMR.

If it is not a standard, submit a a request for a design change.

And, as it is about SMTP/mail handling - a query in a more "mail" oriented forum may get you better results. - Even ask on HP, as it is a known feature there.

A quick of google led me to RFC 6758 - Tunneling of SMTP Message Transfer Priorities
A key phrase - why I do not expect to find any support in AIX, is this:
A number of other header fields are already in use, mostly in Message User Agents (MUAs), to convey meanings related to importance or priority of messages. Examples of such header fields are Importance [RFC2156], Priority [RFC2156], and X-Priority (undocumented).
Hope this helps!
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Old 04-02-2013
Found the solution

Thanks, I found the solution
I changed it to:

Importance: High

And this works on HP and AIX

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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: many thanks for the follow-up. Changed thread title to "Solved".

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Old 09-02-2013
Hi is it possible to send complete code to send an email with high priority using sendmail function

Hi, is it possible to send complete code to send an email with high priority using sendmail command in UNIX. I am trying to use and its not working
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