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Backupios Failing


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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2013
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IBM Backupios Failing

Hi Team,

Please help me to resolve the below backup (backupios) issue on my VIO.

My VIO is a SAN booted from EMC and powerpath has been installed on this.

We already run pprootdev fix and linked the /dev/ipldevice to rootvg hdisk.

==================================================================================================== ==========

/home/padmin]>lsvg -p rootvg
hdisk3 active 809 220 01..49..00..08..162
[/home/padmin]>bootinfo -b
/home/padmin]>lspv | grep -i rootvg
hdisk1 00f6860ba154b2b3 rootvg active
hdisk3 00f6860ba154b2b3 rootvg active

==================================================================================================== ===========
After this we are able to successfully add bosboot from AIX root prompt.

But when we exit and run backupios from VIO prompt ,it is failing with the same error.

==================================================================================================== =======

[/home/padmin]>backupios -file /viosbkup/backups/hostname_031413.mksysb -mksysb
/viosbkup/backups/hostname_031413.mksysb doesn't exist. 
Creating /viosbkup/backups/hostname_031413.mksysb
Backup in progress. This command can take a considerable amount of time to complete, please be patient... 
0301-168 bosboot: The current boot logical volume, /dev/hd5,does not exist on /dev/hdisk1.
0512-008 savevg: The mkvgdata command failed. Backup canceled.

==================================================================================================== ============**

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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2013
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It looks like there is a mismatch between different views at the LVM level. Usually this means that your systems ODM is corrupted somehow. I'd suggest exporting/importing the VG, but as this is the rootvg alas this is not possible.

Have you tried a synclvodm already?

I hope this helps.

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Old Unix and Linux 03-18-2013
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to help with debugging what is going on, or not going on:

1) ulimit -a on VIOS and NIM server
2) on VIOS (as padmin)

$ for i in `lspv | grep -v NAME | awk ' { print $1 } '`
lspv -lv $i

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