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Questions on AIX 7 Administration


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Old Unix and Linux 01-02-2013
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Questions on AIX 7 Administration

Here i have a question about AIX 7 Administration test. I just want the explanation:
The cfgmgr command appears to be taking an excessive time to complete. The administrator was able to quit the command and return to the command prompt. The administrator does not have access to themanaging HMC and unable to check for any LED codes.
How else can the cause of the observed delay be determined?
A. Review the latest entry within /var/log/cfgdb.out.
B. Start the syslog daemon before re-issuing the command.
C. Re-issue the command with the W flag.
D. Initiate the ledmon command from a separate session, then re-issue cfgmgr.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-02-2013
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The explanation is: even if you have no idea about AIX you could still use Google and/or the respective man pages to find out that three out of the four offered answered are bogus because the things mentioned in them are non-existent - which means in turn that the fourth have to be the case.

Moderator's Comments:
Questions on AIX 7 Administration Still, we do not want to get future colleagues who aren't able to glean answers from the available sources but instead ask others - us - to do their work for them. Which is why we won't help you or anybody else in answering these kind of questions.

- Thread closed -

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