Copying LVs from disk1 to disk0

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Operating Systems AIX Copying LVs from disk1 to disk0
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Old 12-08-2012
Copying LVs from disk1 to disk0

Dear i have two internal disks in one production system some LVs are created in hdisk0 and the remaining are created in hdisk1 i want to move all this LVs to hdisk0 and make the hdisk1 free to install my application .

lspv -l hdisk0
hd4 16 16 00..04..12..00..00 /
hd8 1 1 00..00..01..00..00 N/A
hd5 1 1 01..00..00..00..00 N/A
hd10opt 16 16 00..08..08..00..00 /opt
hd3 24 24 00..00..24..00..00 /tmp
hd9var 4 4 00..00..04..00..00 /var
hd2 32 32 00..00..32..00..00 /usr
lspv -l hdisk1
hd6 16 16 00..16..00..00..00 N/A
hd1 4 4 00..03..01..00..00 /home
hd9var 12 12 00..08..04..00..00 /var
livedump 2 2 00..02..00..00..00 /var/adm/ras/livedump
lg_dumplv 12 12 00..12..00..00..00 N/A
hd11admin 1 1 00..00..01..00..00 /admin

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Old 12-08-2012
In your place I'd use a mirrored "rootvg" because "production system" sounds way to important to run the chance of a simple disk failure to play show stopper.

Having said this, if the two disks are in the same (root-)VG (as they appear to be) you can either create LV-copies on the other disk via LVM-mirroring, then, after syncing, break up the mirror and remove the copy on the disk you want to make free. Or you can use the migratepv to accomplish the same. Have a look at the man page for a detailed description.

I hope this helps.

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