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Unable to mount NFS share during boot

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Unable to mount NFS share during boot

Hello Everyone,

I have a pseries machine running AIX 4.3.3 that has an invalid IP in /etc/hosts. During a boot the system hangs because it's trying to mount an NFS share to this invalid IP.

I've tried to boot the system from a mksysb (not sure if the device was defined as rmt0) and AIX CD but it looks like the boot list is booting from disk first.

I vaguely remember that there's a key sequence you can press during boot (the system 'monitor' is an ascii terminal) but I can't remember the sequence.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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SHOWMOUNT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      SHOWMOUNT(8)

showmount -- show remote nfs mounts on host
showmount [-a | -d] [-e] [-1] [-3] [host]
The showmount utility shows status information about the NFS server on host. By default it prints the names of all hosts that have NFS file systems mounted on the host. See NFS: Network File System Protocol Specification, RFC 1094, Appendix A, and NFS: Network File System Version 3 Protocol Specification, Appendix I, for a detailed description of the protocol. The following options are available: -a List all mount points in the form: host:dirpath. -d List directory paths of mount points instead of hosts. -e Show the host's exports list. -1 Use mount protocol Version 1, compatible with legacy servers. -3 Ignored for backwards compatibility.
mount(8), mount_nfs(8), mountd(8)
The showmount utility first appeared in 4.4BSD.
The mount daemon running on the server only has an idea of the actual mounts, since the NFS server is stateless. The showmount utility will only display the information as accurately as the mount daemon reports it.
August 16, 2014 BSD

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