Keyboard Mouse Display not working with Pseries

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Operating Systems AIX Keyboard Mouse Display not working with Pseries
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Old 11-03-2012
[Solved] Keyboard Mouse Display not working with Pseries


Just got a refurbished Pseries when I boot the machine , everything is okay, that is no attention light and panel shows
01 B N

but there is nothing on the display ( monitor / console ) which is plugged into the video card port of pseries. The display is empty....

The keyboard doesn't work ie., if it press NUM Lock or CAPS Lock, no lights come up, and the optical mouse also doesn't work ( no light in the mouse )

How can I troubleshoot this issue ?

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Apparently looks like HMC issue.

Probably HMC was connected on this system and now have to make it forget to use the console
This connection is only active if the box is not currently connected to HMC or was connected to it in the last 14 days.
If you see HMC=1 or HMC=0 on the LED screen you will not be able to get serial connection. You can reset the service processor and make it forget its HMC connection.
See IBM for more information.
Link doesn't work. Anyone have access to how to get HMC removed , please share here.
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Old 11-03-2012
If you are fast enough you can still read the title of the link before you get rerouted, then search for it in the search box. You probably look for

this link.

Or you can google for "make serviceprocessor forget HMC" like i did and follow the first link:


Of course, the second variant is very far-fetched and very hard to come up with. Still, i can tell you that the rumors about the existence of some "google" are indeed based on truth - despite the governments cover-up and denial politics.

I hope this helps.


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Old 11-04-2012
bakunin thank you for your post. here is the detailed procedure for removing HMC through ASMI and the links which you provided are related to How to Access ASMI.

Here is the procedure:

Power 5 / POWER 6 / Power 7 information
Removing HMC connection data
Display and remove disconnected HMC data.

By default, HMC connection data expires on the managed system after 14 days of disconnection from the HMC. If you want to perform a task that requires all HMCs to be disconnected from the managed system, you can remove the HMC connection data prior to the 14-day period.

To disconnect an HMC, your authority level must be an authorized service provider.

To disconnect an HMC, do the following steps:

On the ASMI Welcome pane, specify your user ID and password, and click Log In.
In the navigation area, expand System Configuration.
Select Hardware Management Consoles.
Select the desired HMC.
Click Remove connection.

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I have removed the HMC still nothing appears on the display or any power in the keyboard or mouse when I power on through ASMI.

Any other way to check the Console configuration ?

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Update: After Service Processor Reset

Can't access ASMI login page although I can ping HMC port 1 and HMC port 2


1. Removed HMC connection through ASMI

Rebooted the machine, console did not appear

2. Reset the Service Processor through ASMI

Rebooted the machine, console did not appear, neither can access ASMI ( although can ping it )

3. Since I can't access ASMI now , I thought of resetting the through PIN HOLE METHOD. Inserted PIN and hold for 5 seconds , till i saw on the panel dots moving.
Reset the system using the pin-hole button on the front-panel (with no network cables connected).
Still no resolution

4. Did a hard reset :
The Flexible Service Processor {FSP} is built into the System Backplane on a model 550. You can remove the Power Supplies very easily and there is a very very small inconspicuous switch that is covered with a opaque brownish plastic the trick is to carefully peel back the plastic and expose the toggle/rocker switch if you don't do this you will not be able to see clearly and will run the risk of breaking the switch and that is not a good option when attempting to toggle it's position. I have seen it done . This method is free but takes a small amount of effort but faily easy.

Once the switch is toggled to the opposite position on the box everything will be reset to factory settings.

After this reset the IP for ASMI have been resetted to default. But still can't access ASMI through browser.

any solutions ?

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Old 11-14-2012


The only solution was to replace the motherboard and it worked.

So, points to note:

1- If you don't see power in mouse / keyboard during bootup something is wrong with the motherboard
2- Even after removing all the hard drives from the Bay, the system was booting to B N instead of giving errors.

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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: Thanks for the follow-up. Edited the thread-title accordingly.

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