/etc/security/limits value change

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Operating Systems AIX /etc/security/limits value change
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[Solved] /etc/security/limits value change


I have changed the value for one user in /etc/security/limit via root user

as paul:
       time(seconds) unlimited
       file(blocks) 2097151
       data(kbytes) unlimited
       stack(kbytes) unlimited
       memory(kbytes) unlimited
       coredump(blocks) unlimited
       nofiles(descriptors) unlimited

Now, when i am logging in via user paul to check the effective limits
via limits -a

It is showing me the new limits

How to get new limits effective? please help me...

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you mean you see the old limits?

possible syntax error in the file

you can always change aix security files with chsec

chsec -f /etc/security/limits -s bin -a fsize=-1

for example
# 3  
AFAIK the limits are set when a session starts, so you probably have to log in again as "paul" to see the new limits in effect.

In general, using "chsec" as funksen said, is the preferable way to do these things in AIX.

I hope this helps.

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i changed the value's using vi /etc/security/limits

its this not the correct way or should i delete these changes and try via chsec??

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@funksen - chsec was the correct way of doing this..

It worked fine

Thanks to all
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