VIOS IP address - separate vlan for vios servers ?

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Operating Systems AIX VIOS IP address - separate vlan for vios servers ?
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Old 10-10-2012
VIOS IP address - separate vlan for vios servers ?


Lets say for simplicity that I do not use any vlan config inside my server - one lpar group use hea physical port1, another group hea physical port2. Physical port1 configured as vlan1 on external switch, physical port2 as vlan2.
What is the common practice - should I isolate my vios partitions and assign those to vlan3 for example ?

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VCONFIG(8)						      System Manager's Manual							VCONFIG(8)

vconfig - VLAN (802.1q) configuration program. SYNOPSIS
vconfig [lots of long options] DESCRIPTION
The vconfig program allows you to create and remove vlan-devices on a vlan enabled kernel. Vlan-devices are virtual ethernet devices which represents the virtual lans on the physical lan. OPTIONS
add [interface-name] [vlan-id] Creates a vlan-device on [interface-name]. The resulting vlan-device will be called according to the nameing convention set. rem [vlan-device] Removes the named vlan-device. set_flag [vlan-device] 0 | 1 When 1 (the default since 2.6.18), ethernet header reorders are turned on. Dumping the device will appear as a common ethernet device without vlans. When 0 however, ethernet headers are not reordered, which results in vlan tagged packets when dumping the device. Usually the default gives no problems, but some packet filtering programs might have problems with it. set_egress_map [vlan-device] [skb-priority] [vlan-qos] This flags that outbound packets with a particular skb-priority should be tagged with the particular vlan priority vlan-qos. The default vlan priority is 0. set_ingress_map [vlan-device] [skb-priority] [vlan-qos] This flags that inbound packets with the particular vlan priority vlan-qos should be queued with a particular skb-priority. The default skb-priority is 0. set_name_type VLAN_PLUS_VID | VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD | DEV_PLUS_VID | DEV_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD Sets the way vlan-device names are created. Use vconfig without arguments to see the different formats. NOTES VLAN will use Broadcom's NICE interface when the network device supports it. This is necessary, since usually the hardware of these devices already removes the vlan tag from the ethernet packet. The set_flag option on vlan-devices created on such a physical net- work device will be ignored. Dumping the network-device will show only untagged(non-vlan) traffic, and dumping the vlan-devices will only show traffic intended for that vlan, without the tags. FILES
/proc/net/vlan/config /proc/net/vlan/[vlan-device] SEE ALSO
ip(8), ifconfig(8) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Ard van Breemen <> The vlan patch is written by Ben Greear <> VCONFIG(8)

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