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df output is not aligned.

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Operating Systems AIX df output is not aligned.
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Old 07-06-2005
df output is not aligned.

When I issue a "df" command the columns of the output are not aligned.

QMN012:.../oracle> df -k
Filesystem    1024-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4           524288    439592   17%     5423     6% /
/dev/M121A_HOME     3080192   2343764   24%     7263     2% /M12SAN1A/HOME
/dev/M121A_APPL      524288    523332    1%        3     1% /M12SAN1A/appl
/dev/M121A_ADMIN      524288    517004    2%      206     1% /M12SAN1A/admin
/dev/M121A_MRQ      524288    523064    1%       33     1% /M12SAN1A/MRQ
/dev/M121A_DN      524288    520040    1%      339     1% /M12SAN1A/dn
/dev/M121A_DONNEES    15728640  15725464    1%      502     1% /M12SAN1A/donnees

Is there a way to format the output of the "df" command so all columns are aligned and it is more readable ?

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Old 07-06-2005
#! /bin/nawk -f
# formatDF.nawk 


                     lineArray[NR,i] = $i
                     if ( NF > numFields ) numFields = NF
                     if ( length($i) > lineLength[i] ) lineLength[i] = length($i)
                if ( x == 1 ){
                               printf("%-"lineLength[y]"s ", lineArray[x,y])
                        printf("%s %s\n", lineArray[x,numFields -1], lineArray[x,numFields])
                else {
                          printf("%-"lineLength[y]"s ", lineArray[x,y])

df -k | formatDF.nawk

This is written purely for the output of df -k/df -h. It is not intended as a general column allignment script.
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