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Print Paper Size always A3 instead of A4

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Operating Systems AIX Print Paper Size always A3 instead of A4
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Old 06-19-2012
Print Paper Size always A3 instead of A4

RICOH MPC4501 via AIX PrintServer is only printing on A3, even though its A4 contents. Similar Printer on same AIX PrintServer is printing correct though. What you think issue with first printer?

AIX V6.1
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Old 06-21-2012
Originally Posted by panchpan
What you think issue with first printer?
I think it could be a myriad of possible reasons and then some other. As my crystal ball is in repair right now i can't find out which one is the one applying to your problem.

Serious: what have you done to analyze the problem? What have these actions shown? What is the content of your queue definitions? What is your printing setup (locally, via network, remote print server, ...)? What is ...?

How are we supposed to find out what your problem is working on even less data than you have available (and even having more data you didn't find it out at all)?

Well, from the wisdom of Kung-Fu-Aix: printer not working because pupil is not enlightened. Unfortunately pupil will not be enlightenment until having learned thorough problem-solving skills which goes hand in hand with developing thorough problem-describing skills. All is Buddha and Buddha is in AIX - even in systems with printers attached.

I hope this helps.

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