Profile environment variables lost after mksysb restore

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Operating Systems AIX Profile environment variables lost after mksysb restore
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Profile environment variables lost after mksysb restore


I restore an mksysb image (AIX 5.3 TL 11) from one model to another model of Power (power 5 to power 7). Everything seems good, but I lost environment variables of at least one of a user profile. The result of the "env" command show me great differences between two servers, first of them is the PATH variable which is different, and the "prompt" too.

Any idea on where I have to look for (.profile, .login, .dtprofile, and .cshrc are the same).

It seems that only profiles with csh as default shell are impacted.


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does your user environment depend on external filesystems you don't have on the new system?
thinking of sap systems for example, getting the sidadm environment from /home/sidadm, part of another vg usually

the rootvg is the only vg being restored with mksysb
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Tks for your answer, I had this idea too, but the solution was elsewhere. In profile scripts, another scripts were called with the "hostname" command. As the hostname change during restore, scripts were not called ...
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