Nim on AIX 7.1 used to migrate AIX 5.3 to AIX possible?

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Operating Systems AIX Nim on AIX 7.1 used to migrate AIX 5.3 to AIX possible?
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Old 05-09-2012
Nim on AIX 7.1 used to migrate AIX 5.3 to AIX possible?

Using nimadm:

nimadm -j nimadmvg -c sap024 -s spot_6100 -l lpp_6100 -d "hdisk1" -Y
Initializing the NIM master.
Initializing NIM client sap024.
0505-205 nimadm: The level of bos.alt_disk_install.rte installed in SPOT
spot_6100 ( does not match the NIM master's level (
Cleaning up alt_disk_migration on the NIM master.

lslpp -l |grep bos.alt_disk_install
bos.alt_disk_install.rte COMMITTED Alternate Disk Installation
bos.alt_disk_install.rte COMMITTED Alternate Disk Installation
nim -o showres 'lpp_6100' | grep bos.alt_disk_install.rte
bos.alt_disk_install.rte I N usr 
bos.alt_disk_install.rte S N usr 
bos.alt_disk_install.rte S N usr

But is NIM is 7.1 so bos.alt_disk_install.rte is different from version of 6.1 spot....

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Old 05-09-2012
The processing takes place on the master so you need to have the masters level of bos.alt_disk_install.rte installed in the SPOT as suggested by the error. This is quite normal.
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Old 05-10-2012
ok it's clear....NIM 7.1 needs
bos.alt_disk_install.rte 7.1

But it's better:

Add bos.alt_disk_install.rte 7.1 to spot 6.1 and use spot 6.1 for nimadm:

nim -o cust -a filesets=bos.alt_disk_install.rte -a lpp_source=lpp_7103 spot_6100
nimadm  -j nimadmvg -c sap024 -s spot_6100 -l lpp_6100 -d "hdisk1" -Y

Or using spot 7.1 in nimadm:
nimadm  -j nimadmvg -c sap024 -s spot_7103 -l lpp_6100 -d "hdisk1" -Y

I need in the end upgrade my NIM client sap024 from 5.3 to 6.1.
Thansk for your support
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