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PowerHA Disk on VIO Server

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Operating Systems AIX PowerHA Disk on VIO Server
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PowerHA Disk on VIO Server

Hello AIX GURU's

Can anybody tell me the steps to crate shared VG (enhanced concurent) for my Lpars from VIO server?

my questions are:
Should I crate Enhanced Concurent VG in VIO and map it using virtual Scsi to Lpar?
2. Can I just create virtual SCSI in VIO and map to Lpar and create enhanced concurent Vg in LPAR
# 2  

map the disks to the lpar(s), and create the concurrent vg there

local vio-server disks, or external storage?

I would create the vg on one lpar, create all the filesystems etc. switch to concurrent mode
then varyoff and import on the other lpar, using the same vg major number

just ask if you need more details
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