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AIX AIX is IBM's industry-leading UNIX operating system that meets the demands of applications that businesses rely upon in today's marketplace.

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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2005   -   Original Discussion by Perderabo
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AIX Links

Manufacturer Links

General Information
In-depth information from IBM:
Updates, Release management
Hardware, Firmware


Other Software

Performance Tuning


AIX Virtual User Group

Sites with more AIX info

AIX News/Blogs

edit: bakunin, 2009 01 19
Thanks for valuable input goes to rayg50, roden and shockneck.
Thanks to zaxxon for pointing out the Java link.

last edit: zaxxon, 2009 02 26
Added the initial tuning tips from Jaqui Lynch

last edit: zaxxon, 2009 07 30
Updated link for IBM AIX&pSystems Info Center

last edit: zaxxon, 2009 12 09
Added VIOS link from User https://www.unix.com/members/302071531.html

last edit: zaxxon, 2010 03 08
Thanks to filosophizer for the topas link http://www.tablespace.net/papers/topas_intro.html

Last edit: zxmaus; 2010 04 19
Reason: Added AIX Wiki

Last edit: Perderabo 2014 02 05
Thanks to -=XrAy=- for a collection of AIX links.

edit: bakunin, 2014 02 17
some typos corrected

edit: bakunin, 2017 07 23
added AIXTOOLS by Michael Felt

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