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multipath giving error

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Operating Systems AIX multipath giving error
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Old 10-24-2011
Error multipath giving error


# lspath
Missing hdisk0  fscsi0
Missing hdisk1  fscsi0
Missing hdisk2  fscsi0
Missing hdisk3  fscsi0
Missing hdisk4  fscsi0
Missing hdisk5  fscsi0
Missing hdisk6  fscsi0
Missing hdisk7  fscsi0
Missing hdisk8  fscsi0
Missing hdisk9  fscsi0
Missing hdisk10 fscsi0
Missing hdisk11 fscsi0
Missing hdisk0  fscsi1
Missing hdisk1  fscsi1
Missing hdisk2  fscsi1
Missing hdisk3  fscsi1
Missing hdisk4  fscsi1
Missing hdisk5  fscsi1
Missing hdisk6  fscsi1
Missing hdisk7  fscsi1
Missing hdisk8  fscsi1
Missing hdisk9  fscsi1
Missing hdisk10 fscsi1
Missing hdisk11 fscsi1
Missing dac0    fscsi0
Missing dac1    fscsi1
Enabled hdisk0  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk1  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk2  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk3  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk4  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk5  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk6  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk7  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk8  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk9  fscsi0
Enabled hdisk10 fscsi0
Enabled hdisk11 fscsi0
Enabled dac1    fscsi0
Enabled hdisk0  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk1  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk2  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk3  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk4  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk5  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk6  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk7  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk8  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk9  fscsi1
Enabled hdisk10 fscsi1
Enabled hdisk11 fscsi1
Enabled dac0    fscsi1
Enabled hdisk14 fscsi0
Enabled hdisk14 fscsi1
# lsdev -Cc disk
hdisk0  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk1  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk2  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk3  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk4  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk5  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk6  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk7  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk8  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk9  Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk10 Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk11 Available 03-01-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk
hdisk12 Defined   03-00-01 Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk13 Defined   03-01-01 Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk14 Available 03-00-01 MPIO DS5020 Disk

# lspath -l hdisk0
Missing hdisk0 fscsi0
Missing hdisk0 fscsi1
Enabled hdisk0 fscsi0
Enabled hdisk0 fscsi1
# lspath -l hdisk1
Missing hdisk1 fscsi0
Missing hdisk1 fscsi1
Enabled hdisk1 fscsi0
Enabled hdisk1 fscsi1

# oslevel -s

for all disk, what is the missing term and how can we resolve.


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Old 10-24-2011
This looks like a dual VIO environment and one of the VIO servers has been shutdown.

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Also it seems HDISK12 and 13 have been deleted at some time in the passed.
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Old 10-24-2011
Yes, it looks like hdisk12, 13 went away sometime in the past and I assume your problem is the other hdisk / dac devices.

Nope, this is direct attached DS or there wouldn't be the dac devices because a vios client shouldn't see those.

Looks like your dual fibre connections at either the AIX or the DS end have been swapped over at some point.

As with most problems like this, the usual solution is to rmdev -dl everything - disk, dac, dar, fscsi, fcs - and then reboot to bring them all back into line.

You could just rmdev -dl everything defined, if all else seems to be OK at the moment, but beware next time you reboot, or at 03:27 on Sunday morning when the system crashes and reboots for you, and you have to sort this out properly!

Or your RDAC to MPIO conversion went wrong and along with opening up the SAN zoning you are now left with some dead paths but this doesn't seem likely.

hdisk14 seems to have come in OK, when was this added?

You seem to have an enabled dac0 and 1 but the disks are MPIO... that doesn't sound quite right...

The usual...
Did it ever work properly and do you have any historical evidence?
What was done since then?
Have te SAN or storage guys been playing without telling you?

If you have support I'd recommend calling AIX and DS support to try and work out the best way out of this, they'll ask for a ton of data but to be honest we are just guessing without that data.

Good luck and HTH.

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