AIX doesn't detect smc1 media changer in ts3200 tape library

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Operating Systems AIX AIX doesn't detect smc1 media changer in ts3200 tape library
# 1  
AIX doesn't detect smc1 media changer in ts3200 tape library

Hi all,
I'm having a problem here my environment as follows.
AIX 5.3 TL 10 running on a P6 p520 sever with 3 fibre channel cards and Tivoli Storage Manager TSM 5.4 and TS3200 Tape Library with 2 drives and 2 media changers.

My problem as follows smc1 doesn't show up , I ran cfgmgr multiple times , rebooted the server and rebooted the tape Library with no luck untill now.

root@host/ # lsdev -Cc tape
rmt0 Available 07-00-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt1 Available 07-00-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
smc0 Available 07-00-02 IBM 3573 Tape Medium Changer (FCP)

I ran tests via taputil tool it seems everything is okay except that smc1
show up
root@host/ # /usr/bin/tapeutil -f /dev/rmt0 status
Querying tape parameters...

   Trace.................... Off
   Trace Hookword........... 326
   Minimum Block Size....... 1
   Maximum Block Size....... 16777215
   Maximum SCSI Xfer........ 1048576
   Physical Write Protect... No
   Logical Write Protect.... No
   Autoload................. No
   Compression.............. Yes
   Buffered Mode............ Yes
   Trailer Labels........... No
   Rewind Immediate......... No
   Block Size............... 0
   Record Space Mode........ SCSI
   Volume Logging........... No
   Volume ID................ UNKNOWN
   Capacity Scaling......... 100%
   Medium Type.............. 00
   Density Code............. 46
   ACF Mode................. N/A
   Retain Reservation....... No
   Alternate Pathing........ No
   Emulate Autoloader....... No
   Read SILI bit............ Yes
   Reservation Type......... reserve_6
   Reservation Key.......... 0xa00310754e8d3dea

Any Idea
# 2  
What atape driver do you have installed?
Do you even have the atape driver installed?
# 3  
Yes I have atape driver installed.
root@host/ # lslpp -l | grep -i atape
  Atape.driver      COMMITTED  IBM AIX Enhanced Tape and

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# 4  
11.6 is a bit wide of the mark, 12.3.3 seems to be the latest.
Has this ever worked?
Have you checked if 11.6 supports the lib?
I don't have much to do with tapes... are you sure both media changers are actually connected to the host?
# 5  
Yes it was working like charm
Yes the tape library is connected to fibre switches and it's visible to all sever that has fc adapters and both drives and media changers were visible to the servers

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# 6  
As you can see both drives and one smc down the same adapter - all show the same location code of 07-00-02 - I guess the other missing smc should also be on the same adapter.
As you can see both drives and one smc it looks like the connection to the switch is OK from the host, so the problem in in the SAn or at the other end the SMC has lost connection.
# 7  
Any further checks I can do from the OS side?
I ran H/W tests on the tape library everything seems to be okay no issues were found.
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